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10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
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Sue and Mac Pate Visit Natchez Natchez Automotive Society

European Engineering, Southern Hospitality

Awards will be adjusted according to entries.

British Open BO
British Closed BC
Italian Open IO
Italian Closed IC
German Open GO
German Closed GC
Grand Saloon* Open GSO
Grand Saloon* Closed GSC
Other European All OE
Alfa Romeo Nouveau Open Open ANO
Alfa Romeo Nouveau Closed Closed ANC
Alfa Romeo Vintage Open Open AVO
Alfa Romeo Vintage Closed Closed AVC
Preservation*** All P
Special Interest Built After 1994** Open SIO
Special Interest Built After 1994** Closed SIC
Racing All R
Display Only-Not To Be Judged All D
Motorcycle All M

Partnering Sponsors Awards

  1. The Best of Natchez Euro Fest - 1994 & Newer
  2. The Best of Natchez Euro Fest - Vintage - Pre 1994
  3. Mayor's Travel Award - Vintage
  4. Mayor's Travel Award - Nouveau
  5. Various Sponsor's Awards


* The term "Grand Saloon" refers to large European sedans or Cabriolets, regardless of manufacturer, ie. Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Daimler.

** If your entry was built in 1994 or later, your entry will belong in one of these two classes.

***A Preservation Class car should have the original matching numbers chassis, body, and engine, or correct engine type for the year that it was manufactured. Of course, the more original the better, but a limit of 20% max repair work can be done, if necessary, on interior, bright work, body, and paint. All mechanical parts need to have been be replaced in kind. It cannot be a replica, clone, or tribute car.

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